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Illinois State Senate - 31st District
Republican Candidate

Michael White Illinois State Senate 31st District


March 20, Primary

Neal: 6,407
Leafblad: 4,122
Jarratt: 3,093
White: 2,286

Michael White, State Senate 31st District Endorsed by the Daily Herald, 2012

Other Candidates for Illinois State Senate 31st District
Jarratt (R)
Leafblad (R)
Neal (R)
Bush (D)

Michael White - Endorsed by the Daily Herald
"...we endorse White for a cost-cutting approach that includes pension reform and eliminating spending on a third airport, high-speed rail and college scholarships granted by legislators. We like White’s ideas for building a coalition with other freshman lawmakers to accomplish goals in Democrat-led Springfield and support White’s pledge not to accept a legislative pension..."

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Renewing Illinois With
Integrity, Intelligence And Innovation

Hard working citizens, the foundation of Illinois, are dedicated and compassionate people who care about their state. They expect a government that protects individual liberties, serves all people equally and develops a budget that is free from political influence. Michael is committed to bringing these fundamental principles back to government with integrity, intelligence and innovation.

Michael White Candidate for State Senate District 31Michael WhiteMichael and supporters at Lindenfest Parade

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