What is the State Central Committee?

The Democratic State Central Committee is like the Board of Directors of the Democratic Party of Illinois.

Each district elects two people to be on the State Central Committee - one man to be Committeeman and one woman to be Committeewoman.

The main duties of a State Central Committeeman or Committeewoman are to:

•Recruit candidates to run for office
•Help candidates get elected
•Act as liaisons between the state party and the local democratic organizations
•Elect the Chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois

Why I'm Running

Empowering the Next Generation

Millennials and Gen Z will soon make up a majority of voters. I will help secure this critical group of voters and give them a voice within our Party. Building upon the foundation laid before them, this group will help ensure that the Democratic Party leads Illinois for generations to come.

Combating Corruption & Restoring Trust

For far too long, the State Central Committee let Michael Madigan’s unethical behavior go unchecked at the expense of our families. We must combat corruption head on and restore trust in our elected officials and our Party. I will provide a check on leadership and work hard to support honest and ethical candidates across the ballot.

Fighting for Every Municipal Seat

Our towns, schools, and libraries are under attack by right wing extremists. I will build a bench of candidates ready to fight for and win these critical seats in local government.

Flipping Districts Blue

In 2021, I flipped my township government to the Democratic Party for the first time in history. I will build the infrastructure needed for others to do the same in communities across the 14th District.